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stolenbicycleregistry.com's big promotional push

During the last year of running the SBR I've talked to hundreds of you - and taken in a lot of stolen bike stories. It's now spring, which makes it high season for bike theft.

The Stolen Bicycle Registry needs your help spreading the word!

We've already recovered a handful of bikes thanks to your help - but the system only works with the participation and support of people like you, people who love their bikes and hate the scum who steal them. I need your help to push the SBR's message out there and get more people aware of the Stolen Bicycle Registry!

How can you help get the word out?

You can ...
  • Put a Stolen Bicycle Registry banner on your webpage
  • Print our informational PDF and give it to your fellow bikers, bike shops, and law enforcement
  • Purchase an ad banner to run on the SBR website
  • Donate a few bucks to help the SBR stay in operation
  • Also, if any of you have contacts in the media, please consider telling them about what we're trying to accomplish with the Stolen Bicycle Registry. I'd love to get a mention in some publications to help spread the word to a mass audience, so if any of you can help this happen, please drop me a line.

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