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About stolenbicycleregistry.com

[bryan hance and his stolen canondale] My name is Bryan. I am a sysadmin, database programmer, and mountain biker. I live in Tucson, AZ. Cleveland, OH (as of Aug 2005).

I have had 5 bikes stolen in 9 years. The last one was a Trek 4900 stolen in January. The one in the photo on the right? Stolen 5 years ago from my living room while I was taking a shower.

I hate the idiots who steal other people's bikes, and I hate the fact that there's no good resource to register your stolen bike.

I decided that the world needs is a free, easily accessable, well-organized stolen bike registry. Something that biking enthusiasts, bike shops, cops, and theft victims could all use with minumim hassle.

So I hacked together a modern, searchable database. This is it.

(At the urging of my Chicago-rock-band-leadin' brother, I also created a sister site: www.stolenguitarregistry.com)


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