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11.29.2009 - Introducing localized SBR Twitter feeds for select cities!
People listing bikes stolen in Tucson, Seattle, San Francisco, Berkeley, Chicago, San Diego, Marin County, Philadelphia and Indianapolis will now have their listings automatically sent to Twitter accounts for listing stolen bikes in those cities.

I have blogged about using Twitter to help find stolen bikes, but I still need your help to find stolen bikes!

If you're on Twitter and in one of these cities, please follow and retweet! Tucson, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Berkeley, Chicago, Marin County, Philadelphia and Indianapolis.

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Maybe you just had your bike stolen.

Maybe you're buying a used bike and want to run its serial number first.

Maybe you work for a bike shop and want to know if that trade-in is hot.

Whatever the reason, we're here to help:

stolenbicycleregistry.com is a free resource to register and track stolen bicycles. It is run by tech-savvy people who love their bikes and hate the people who steal them.

You can read more about the site here, or jump right to registering a stolen bike, or search our database of stolen bikes.

You can also read about WatchList, our free, bimonthly email list of stolen bikes in your city, state, or zipcode.

Read our whitepaper

While you're here, consider reading my whitepaper, which outlines a novel approach to tackling the bike theft problem: Open Source Bike Recovery - On The Cheap.

(You can also help me build part of this site - read here!)

Our current database contains 22062 bikes.

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